Specialist in Assessments for children with Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delay, Learning Difficulties and more.
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Thanks for your help. God bless you!

Could you please pass on many thanks to Dr Gada. Lillie had her appointment this morning and he made her feel so calm and cared for. He is one of the most lovely doctor we have met. Please let him know this. Kind regards

Always helpful, puts you at ease, excellent with my child


We are extremely satisfied with the service Doctor Gada has provided. His friendly, patient and understanding approach helped relieve some of our worries and concerns. He provided us and Layla with reassurance throughout the assessment and discussed where we can find support going forward. He spoke softly and slowly to our daughter Laila, while also remaining positive. Please thank Doctor Gada. We are very grateful for his help. Kindest regards.

He was extremely friendly and professional

Dr Gada has been supportive and very helpful

One of the nicest most helpful doctors I have seen. Really pleased to get some clear information for our son

Dr Gada is a very good doctor and has helped my daughter immensely and explained everything great

It was very helpful thank you so much! Ezra took to Dr Gada so much better than he usually takes to new people which helped a lot and we feel like we’ve really got the help and understanding we were hoping for. We came out of the consultation feeling really positive and like we’ve got a good plan in place for him now. Thank you so much for arranging this consultation – it has made such a huge difference to our peace of mind and given us a great idea of what we can do to help our son. I may well be in touch with you again at some point in the future. Best regards

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